Loves Embrace©

She stared at him
Across the classroom floor.
His soft blue eyes
Stared at the board.
And his short blond hair
Sat spiked and clean.
She stared at him
Till he looked over
At her.
She hid her face
Behind a book.
She peeked after a while
And saw he still stared.
When the bell finally rang
She was quick to run
But he grabbed her by the arm
And stared into her eyes.
She kissed and pulled away.
He smiled and kissed her back
In the empty room.
The room grew dark
With the passing of the day.
And there they stayed
In a locked embrace.
Till the dew of the morning sun
Woke them from their love.

Burning Passion©

She stared at him
Her friend she loved
So tenderly.
She wanted to help him
But did not know how.
He stood at the ledge
That overlooked the growing fire.
She knew what he wanted
Something she wanted.
Death and then Darkness.
An escape from Life.
The fire consumed
The ground.
Burning and moving up
Toward them.
She stared in horror
As it ran to him.
But before it could touch him
She pulled him back.
He stared at her in anger
And pushed her away.
And all she did
Was stare at him
He calmed himself
And hugged her while she hugged him back.
She smiled and kissed
His neck
Wet from the rain.
And held him tighter
Never wanting him to go . . . .

Her Dark Corner©

She cradled herself
In her dark corner.
Naked and wet from the rain.
Bruised and cut
The knife still wet
From her blood.
Her cuts are deep
And her bruises were wide
And all she could think about
Was how she wanted to die.
Alone in the darkness
That kept creeping onto her.
She kept asking herself
Why she couldn’t die.
Over and over
She told herself
That no one loved her
That no one cared.
She slammed her fist
Hard against the ground.
Till he came.
He grabbed her wrist
Soaked in blood.
He picked her up and pushed her
Up against the wall.
He told her
That they loved her
That they cared.
She looked behind him
And there they stood
Eyes filled with pity and love
It was too late for her though.
Now she knew
Before she died
That she was not alone
And not unloved by none . . .

To the Darkness©

Up the stairs she ran
To the Darkness that called her.
Slipping and falling
All over the stairs.
5 Her tears cascading everywhere
Flooding the ground beneath her.
Her cuts have not healed
And her blood has turned the water red.
She sees the darkness and runs faster to it.
10 She stops at the top
And stares at him.
He looks at her with pity
And she holds on to his knees.
She begs and cries for him
15 To come with her.
He lifts her up
And wipes away her tears.
Brother and sister,
Who love each other so much,
20 One falls into darkness
The other into light.
She watches as he leaves.
The water retracting for him.
The love of her life leaves her alone.
25 Her cuts have not yet healed
So she lies on the ground to die
In the dark corner of his once dark room.
A shadow looms over her
It is him.
30 He says he loves her
But as she once was
Not as she is now.
He cradles her while she dies
And her heart
35 Once broken healed
Letting her die
Happy and loved . . .

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

EPIC!!!  You know I don’t think epic is grand enough of a word to describe this movie.  It did the book justice.  out of all the Harry Potter movies this one is by far the most superb.  It was a brilliant breathtaking,  jaw dropping, tear-jerking movie that makes me want to see it again and again.  There is so doubt in my mind that you will love this movies, and I have little doubt that the next one will be just as spectacularly brilliant because this one was simply pure brilliance.  I give this movie 4 stars, a top movie rating.


This movie is like nothing you would expect. It’s a non-stop laugh that makes your mouth hang open. If you’ve already seen it then you know what i’m talking about.

In this movie the hero is the villian and the villian is the hero. How much more unexpected can you get. It’s like a funny twist on the Superman story line x2. It’s like nothing you would expect from a “hero” movie. I give it two thumbs up and a four star rating. If you haven’t seen it go go go! you won’t regret it. 😉

“Don’t Die Dragonfly” By: Linda Joy Singleton

Book 1 in the Seer Series

I love this book. This is my second time re-reading it. I can’t get enough!

Sabine is a psychic teen who was kicked out of her last school because of fear. Now, living with her grandmother (who is also psychic) she is trying desperelty to fit in at her new school and both hide and ignore her new gift. That is until she begins having visions of a bloody dragonfly. At first she doesn’t know what they mean until she meets Danielle. The perfect girl with a Dragonfly tattoo on her wrist. Sabine must race against the clock to figure out who’s framing her for vandalism at school and save Danielle’s life.

Her gift though, never shows her though the dark secret her grandmother has hidden from her. A secret her life may depend on.

This book is suspenseful and thrilling, and only the first in the series. Although a bit slow at times, this book will rapidly pick up pace and make you not want to put it down.

Available wherever books are sold.

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