The 10th Kingdom Sequel: The House of Wolves

The10thKD164I know I keep harping on all these sequels that I want.  But you you really blame me, I mean there is a reason I love these movies/mini-series.  I mean the likelihood that someone is going to read this and say “hey this is a great idea” is slim to none, I admit that.  But there is always that hope that someone will read this and actually do it.

Now according to, it took Simon Moore, the creator and writer of The 10th Kingdom more than 12 years to get the original miniseries made.  That was all before 2000.  After 2000, after the NBC debut, Moore replied to fan letters with a short synopsis of the sequel (since it was hinted at in the ending of The 10th Kingdom).  He told fans that it would take place mainly in the 2nd Kingdom and would center around Wolf (who was played by Scott Cohen) this time around.  He also said that Virginia was very much pregnant.

In 2001 it was noted that all the actors, except for John Larroquette [Tony], were interested in returning for the sequel.  However, even he said he would return for a short cameo role.  His reasoning was that he hated the 6-months of filming that had taken him away from his family.  Which is completely understandable, people get homesick.

We all know there never was a sequel.  Hallmark never picked it up and neither did NBC, even though fans have been asking for it for 11 years now.  NBC’s whole reasoning is because miniseries had dismal ratings, in America anyway, making them have little to no interest in a sequel.  Despite that though, Hallmark had more orders for the boxed tape than they could fill.  I contributed, buying both the video boxed set and the DVD when it came out on DVD.

There is a little hope though.  As of March 2004, Moore said in an interview:

“I would love to continue the adventures of Wolf and Virginia, but there are a number of obstacles in the way. However, as some of you know, The 10th Kingdom took nearly twelve years to get made, so don’t give up on a sequel quite yet!”

In 2006, Moore gave a little less hopeful response saying:

“Most of you know that a second series of 10th Kingdom is something I would love to do, but we will all have to wait until the time is right and the opportunity presents itself. I have no more news on the subject, but if it is meant to happen, then one day it will…”

I would love a sequel, heck even a prequel would be awesome.  Who says it has to be another miniseries.  It could be a movie or even a TV SeriesFairy Tale shows are all the rage at the moment.  So why not?

If you would like to see a sequel, you can sign The 10th Kingdom Sequel Petition.  I did!


55 thoughts on “The 10th Kingdom Sequel: The House of Wolves”

  1. I remember watching this as a kid and I loved it!! I recently found this on DVD at Walmart for only $5! Great deal! I would absolutely love to see a sequel!


  2. I just rewatched 10th Kingdom for the billionth time this weekend, so I was poking around for the sequel synopsis and ended up here. I know he says not to give up because it took 12 years to get 10th Kingdom made, but, gosh. It’s been 16 years now. And certainly if they make a sequel now, most if not all the parts will have to be recast (which I don’t think I’d want), or else they’d have to totally rewrite the sequel to take place at least 10 years later.
    But I thought the sequel was actually pretty much written. I wish they could at least release it in book form.

    This would obviously take some money and some network cooperation, but they could re-air the miniseries as some kind of anniversary special, maybe with members of the original cast popping up to add commentary or just memories as the lead-ins to the show when it comes back from commercial breaks. This would then lead in to them re-releasing the DVD set of the series, plus a Blu-Ray release, plus re-releasing the now out-of-print book, and would serve as a promotion to the brand new book version of the sequel. And MAYBE this would create enough buzz that a filmed version of the sequel would seem more feasible, even if it had to be recast with younger actors at this point.


  3. Love the series. Just got through watching it again on my VHS tape and wondered if there was a sequel as the end suggested. Glad I found this site to explain the difficulties involved and why it was never made. Really surprised there is a current discussion about the series. As current at March 31, 2016 any way. I’m of the opinion that too much time as passed to make a good sequel now. The chemistry between Wolf (thought Scott Cohen did a fantastic job), Virginia and her dad would not be the same with different actors. We’ll just have to accept it as a One-of; a one-of-a-kind and be grateful it got made in the first place.


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