The 10th Kingdom Sequel: The House of Wolves

The10thKD164I know I keep harping on all these sequels that I want.  But you you really blame me, I mean there is a reason I love these movies/mini-series.  I mean the likelihood that someone is going to read this and say “hey this is a great idea” is slim to none, I admit that.  But there is always that hope that someone will read this and actually do it.

Now according to, it took Simon Moore, the creator and writer of The 10th Kingdom more than 12 years to get the original miniseries made.  That was all before 2000.  After 2000, after the NBC debut, Moore replied to fan letters with a short synopsis of the sequel (since it was hinted at in the ending of The 10th Kingdom).  He told fans that it would take place mainly in the 2nd Kingdom and would center around Wolf (who was played by Scott Cohen) this time around.  He also said that Virginia was very much pregnant.

In 2001 it was noted that all the actors, except for John Larroquette [Tony], were interested in returning for the sequel.  However, even he said he would return for a short cameo role.  His reasoning was that he hated the 6-months of filming that had taken him away from his family.  Which is completely understandable, people get homesick.

We all know there never was a sequel.  Hallmark never picked it up and neither did NBC, even though fans have been asking for it for 11 years now.  NBC’s whole reasoning is because miniseries had dismal ratings, in America anyway, making them have little to no interest in a sequel.  Despite that though, Hallmark had more orders for the boxed tape than they could fill.  I contributed, buying both the video boxed set and the DVD when it came out on DVD.

There is a little hope though.  As of March 2004, Moore said in an interview:

“I would love to continue the adventures of Wolf and Virginia, but there are a number of obstacles in the way. However, as some of you know, The 10th Kingdom took nearly twelve years to get made, so don’t give up on a sequel quite yet!”

In 2006, Moore gave a little less hopeful response saying:

“Most of you know that a second series of 10th Kingdom is something I would love to do, but we will all have to wait until the time is right and the opportunity presents itself. I have no more news on the subject, but if it is meant to happen, then one day it will…”

I would love a sequel, heck even a prequel would be awesome.  Who says it has to be another miniseries.  It could be a movie or even a TV SeriesFairy Tale shows are all the rage at the moment.  So why not?

If you would like to see a sequel, you can sign The 10th Kingdom Sequel Petition.  I did!


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25 thoughts on “The 10th Kingdom Sequel: The House of Wolves”

  1. I love this movie/ short t.v. series all the time when I’m in my childhood moods. I watch the vhs version and messed up the tape so I bought it on dvd. Its one of my favorites movie/short t.v. series. I want to know about the baby and so much more.


  2. I love the tenth kingdom i even got my daughter watchin it i watched it all the time when i was a kid with my sister i would love it if you made anouther one. you would make my year if u did that i understand it takes alot but if this many people love it that much u should really consider how many more people would be interested in it if you made anouther one


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  4. In 5 years or so Virginia and Wolf’s child would be 20 or so.
    Perfect for a leading role in a new movie.
    if they made the movie in a way you DONT have to know the first one.( inc NO number 2 in the title ) they could make it work. treat it like a whole new movie instead of a sequel.


  5. I absolutely love this mini-series! It and the Wizard of Oz are my all time favs! I had the biggest crush on Scott Cohen forever( don’t tell the hubby, but I still do!) my mom would give me hell by calling my name and making the scratching sign at her temple and tell me my eyes would go all dreamy. Lol! I would for sure buy the next adventure whatever it may be should it arise! I’d pay for production if i could as most of us kingdom lovers would agree!


    1. Rachael, definitely, we who love the film and if we were of the 1% we’d pitch in the money needed for a sequel, but I’d had done so long ago when the actors would have had the same parts. Since the Troll King died who would become the next villain? But wait, his kids are still alive aren’t they?


  6. I love the movie 10th kingdom …I would love to see next one house of wolves…I love these kind of movies …I hope you can continue to do more of this sequel … Thank you …


  7. I am still hopeful for a sequel and even signed the petition. It was such a great miniseries. I try to turn as many people as I can into it. #keep10thkingdomalive


    1. Hi of course I agree with you, but now more than 10 years later the actors who I loved so much playing the parts of the characters are so much older and it’s doubtful they would work for the roles. Perhaps, as grandparents and I’d love to see them in their roles. It’s unfortunate that the sequel wasn’t just hidden in a closet somewhere waiting to be released.


  8. I was recommended this web site through my cousin. I am now not positive whether or not this publish is written through him as nobody else know such unique approximately my problem. You are wonderful! Thank you!


    1. I guess I must have signed up for future comments and yours t shirts just came into my inbox. The 10th Kingdom is one of my all time favorite movies. I can remember my first exposure to it, it was a scene with the trolls, and my daughter was watching it. I said, oh my what is this! And from then on I was hooked. A friend gave me the video and I watched all three disks right in a row without stopping. Now of course, I watch my favorite parts over and over again, and have also watched the entire movie again, but not one to another disk as I did that first day.
      I’d like the sequel to be filmed with the same actors, only they’d be older now, and this would make sense similar to another the two films, 9 years apart, Before Sunrise & Before Sunset, which I have also enjoyed very much. These two are nothing like The 10th Kingdom, but would be if they used the same actors but many years apart.


  9. I watch 10th kingdom every week and have always wanted more I heard the sequel ws called the house of red but ill take anything they did wolves or red , I also watch once upon a time its amazing ,


  10. In the sequel, the child of Virginia and Wolf should probably be sent on a quest to rescue his nitwitted grandfather, while visiting the kingdoms and learning about his “special” parentage for the first time. Maybe he/she disobediently and unknowingly follows Wolf through the mirror and gets lost, having to make similar travels to find the way home.


    1. Good ideas. My question: Was the 10th Kingdom written as a screen play or is there actually a book from which the TV series came from. If so, I’d love to read the book(s). Keight, for another film similar, but of course very different too, have you ever seen the film titled, “Ever After” which is a Cinderella film and also very good.


    1. I agree Lauren. It’s one of my favorites. My favorites parts I watch over and over again. I’ve googled the main characters to see what else they’ve done with their loves, in “real” life. I teach 2nd grade and parts would be excellent, just not all, perhaps being a bit too scary for a 7 year old, and I’m not their parents to make that decision.


  11. I was about 8 when I saw The 10th Kingdom and the memory stuck with me 13 years later! One of my favorite tv shows is Once Upon a Time so I would love to see a tv show of the 10th kingdom!!!


  12. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!


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